Which team will rot the banana the most? The worms or just dirt? In our experiment we will tell you the answer.


In our experiment we decided to make teams to make our experiment easier. These are our team names:

W= Team Worms

J.D= Just Dirt


We are trying to find out weather the banana peel will rot the most in team W or team J.D.


We think that team W will make the banana rot more than team J.D because worms love banana peels, so

the worms will have a tasty snack!


1= Take 2 containers the same size.

2= Put slightly wet newspaper at the bottom.

3= Put the same dirt and the same amount of dirt in the two containers. [ the dirt should be slightly wet.]

4= In one container put in 4 alive worms.

5= Put in a banana peel in each container. [ the banana peel should be the same size and same age]

6= Number the containers. E.g.= worms=W

Just dirt=J.D


7= Wait for three days [2 nights].

8= While you are waiting, put a little bit of water in each container. [ It should be the same amount. ]

9= After three days, take a photo of the banana peel and examine them.

10= See which banana peel rotted the most.

11= That is the winner!


In our experiment, one dirt has worms and the other has none.

thank you for reading about our experiment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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