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Which brand of bubblegum produce the biggest bubble??

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Bubble gum1

Welcome bubblegum lovers!!Edit

Made by KI-AP-KK (Kurumi, Alika and Kartika)


All we can say is "Bubblegum, bubblegum and bubblegum!!"

We're finding which brand bubblegum produce the biggest bubble.


- Big Babol

- Lotte Jucia

- Fusen gum

- Marukawa

- Lotte Fusen No Mi

- Yosan

- Lotte Sweet Berry


1. Buy bubblegum                                                            

2. Chew bubblegum until the flavour is gone

3. Make bubble 

4. Measure the bubble with a ruler in centimeters

5. Repeat it 3 times

6. Find the average


We thought Fusen Gum produce the biggest bubble because it looks more stretchy and chewy than the others.

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