Hello and welcome to a webpage about my expirement Artificial Flavours vs Natural Flavours.Here you will learn if humans can realise the difference between artificial and natural flavours.


1.Firstly go and buy two different types of sugar equal (artificial) and (natural).

2.Secondly measure both of the sugars as s teaspoon each.

3.Third measure a table spoon of water.

4.Now mix two of the tablespoons with the both of the different sugars (seperately)

5.Now pur both substances in two different cups.

6.Add 6 ml of water (preferbly warm) two both seperate cups

7.Now mix.

8.Eigth get 5-7 volunteers.

9.Now blindfold them.

10.After that feed them both samples.

11.Lastly ask them what was sample A and B.


My hypothesis is that people will reconise the difference between artifficail and natural flavours because from past experiences I could realise the difference because they taste sdfferent.